Can Your Pet : Returns
Can Your Pet Mobile

Can Your Pet : Returns

Can Your Pet? is Cute Chick twist ending game
Your cute pet is waiting for you

※ Warning ※
This game is twist ending game

Can Your Pet : Returns

I dedicate this game to a lot of chicks in the world.
you must play this game If you love chick
Because this game, make you love more and more to chick
First it will be the experience raising chickens.
And cute chick will see a growing life.
If you missed this game probably you will regret.
Please brag to your friends.
Ratings are not absolute lie.
Because they truly was an experience!

"OMG!!! This game is so cool Who likes th8s is so cool so play more guys or you r going to be crazy,WOOOHOOOO!!!!" - Mudassarjatt Ksajubail
"This game is awesome I absolutely love love love this game and I really recommend it" - Amber Riggs
"Wow I don't no what to say" - Jason Ockwell
"This did not waste my time. It is worth it" - Akhila Walsh
"I like aplicacion, I love that Game" - Ruben Cardoso Freitas

It's that simple. Spoiler banned!

● Decorate and feed your pet.
● Clean and train your pet.
● Can Your Pet?
● Just try it!
● Add New Ending

 - Chick Pet Game
The game  can your pet allows you to dress, customize, feed, wash and play with your favorite yellow chick and help it to grow older and after such a treatment, you may can it. You can even name  your favorite pet. "piou, piou"

Take care of your own little chick.  you can find it fun.
There will be great messages at the end of the game.

 > GGJ:Create a game in 48 hours (January 2010)
 > Top 3 of Kongregate Weekly Games (February 2010)
 > Played by 'PewDiePie' (September 2012)
 > Released of mobile version (September 2014)
 > Halloween update (October 2015)

I will answer any questions, using a translator.
Thank you
 - Can Your Pet

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